Random Stepping Stone, Mocha Charcoal, Patio StonesRandom Stepping Stone, Mocha Charcoal, Patio Stones

Random Stepping Stone

A patio slab that looks like natural stone, but is easier to install

Our Random Stepping Stone is a hot new trend in the landscape industry. This patio stone has a random shape and is specifically designed to look like random flagstone. However, unlike real natural stone, these patio slabs are much easier to install because it has a flat underside and every piece has a uniform thickness.

Random Stepping Stone Patio Stones are available in one 14×14″ size and shape, and three nature-inspired colours: Natural Charcoal, Mocha Charcoal and Chamois Charcoal. Perhaps one of these colours is just right to be support many good times in your patio or outdoor kitchen area?

Nothing random about the Patio Stone quality, however

While their shapes appear random, there is nothing random about the quality of our Random Stepping Stone Patio Stones. You will know your project is on solid ground with Shaw Brick quality set in every stone. These patio blocks are distinctive and durable, which will greatly enhance the character and value of your home.

Your Patio Stone project will be off to a great start with Shaw Brick style, quality and expertise. Drop into a Shaw Retail Centre or one of our Shaw Brick independent dealers to learn more about making your project be the best it can be.

This product may not be available at all locations, please check with your local Shaw Brick.

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Shapes & Sizes

Random Stepping Stone

14-L x 14-W x 1.8-H in 356-L x 356-W x 45-H mm

Dimensional Tolerances

Meets the requirements of CSA A231.2 H1500
Length -0.0394 to +0.0787 in (-1 to +2 mm)
Width -0.0394 to +0.0787 in (-1 to +2 mm)
Height -0.1181 to +0.1181 in (-3 to +3 mm)

Physical Properties

Meets the requirements of CSA A231.2 H1500
Compressive Strength 50 MPa at 28 days (Average)
Minimum (MPa) 45 MPa at 28 days (Individual)
Absorption 5.5% maximum
Freeze Thaw Not exceed 1% weight loss


Random Stepping Stone
Pieces per Pallet 54
Weight per Unit 25.6 lbs 11.6 kg
Unit Coverage 1.36 sq. ft.
Pallet Coverage 73.4 sq. ft.
Weight per Pallet 1382.4 lbs 626.4 kg
All dimensions and weights are approximate.

Additional Info

Product Item Numbers

Random Stepping Stone
Mocha Charcoal 99904
Natural Charcoal 99905
Chamois Charcoal 99903

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