Cap off your natural stone project with elegance

Natural Stone Coping is the ideal mechanism for capping off your natural stone project with an elegant finishing touch. Stairs, walls and pillar caps are all popular applications for this landscaping stone product.

Not only does natural stone wall coping complete the wall’™s aesthetic appearance, it is also an essential part of the wall, serving as a protective cover from damaging freeze/thaw cycles and other forces of nature.

Create gracefully-cascading stairs, beautifully-finished natural wall stone patio walls, garden walls or pond edging with natural stone Coping from Shaw Brick. This collection matches well with our Random Wall Stone or Guillotined Wall Stone.

This attractive landscaping stone product comes with an appealing rough stone texture on the edges, but the tops and bottoms are cut smooth for easy installation and treading. Our Coping is also available in eight natural stone colours, three of which are new this year.

Ask a Shaw Brick pro about natural stone Coping

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Hazel Brown Sandstone12"
Pallet Coverage 120 linear foot
Weight per Pallet 3350 lbs 1519.5 kg
Silver Dust 12"
Pallet Coverage 96 linear foot
Weight per Pallet 2750 lbs 1247.4 kg
Citadel Black Limestone 12"
Pallet Coverage 60 linear foot
Weight per Pallet 1700 lbs 771.1 kg
All dimensions and weights are approximate.

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Product Item Numbers

Slate Grey
Slate Grey
Hazel Brown Sandstone12"
Hazel Brown Sandstone 12" 14304
Silver Dust 12"
Silver Dust 12" 14595
Citadel Black Limestone 12"
Citadel Black Limestone 12" 14305
Coastal Buff Grey Limestone
Coastal Buff Grey Limestone 12" 14303
Coastal Buff Grey Limestone 18" 14569

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