Armour Stone

For larger, natural stone retaining walls and erosion control

Armour Stone is large, naturally-flat, roughly square-to-rectangular-shaped natural stone normally moved by heavy machinery. Because of its size and weight, this wall stone is generally most suitable for medium-to-large, natural-looking retaining walls and erosion control.

Traditionally, Armour Stone was quarried by drilling and blasting, so its final size, shape and quantity could not be guaranteed. Through advances in air-deck quarrying technology, Shaw Brick now offers it in a more consistent size, shape and weight – yet it looks totally natural. This landscaping stone is available in a consistent choice of block heights ranging from 9″ to 30″ and two natural stone colours.

Flat-topped Armour Stone can be easily stacked to create beautiful retaining walls, impressive entrance pillars or gateways, stunning water features, natural rock gardens, or whatever you wish. Consider a random arrangement of this natural stone as a dramatic backyard focal point or a striking accent to other natural stone walls.

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This product may not be available at all locations, please check with your local Shaw Brick.

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