WindsorStone & CastleStone

Tumbled and dimpled old-style paving stones

The tumbled and dimpled surface textures of WindsorStone and CastleStone Pavers convey an antique, countryside charm in any urban environment.

WindsorStone consists of three versatile shapes that fit together to form attractive, modular patterns: Large Rectangle, Square, and Small Rectangle. CastleStone are larger square paving stones that can be integrated with WindsorStone to create striking and durable outdoor living spaces with interesting random patterns.

Extra thick paving stones for high traffic areas

Although these interlocking pavers could be used for any project, their extra thickness makes them a perfect choice for high traffic areas. These premium quality concrete pavers are distinctive and durable, with the added bonus of outlasting other landscaping alternatives, which will greatly enhance the character and value of your property.

Whether you are installing them yourself or using a qualified contractor, we recommend you visit your local Shaw Retail Centre or one of our independent dealers for helpful hints and project assistance.

This product may not be available at all locations, please check with your local Shaw Brick.

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Shapes & Sizes

WindsorStone Large Rectangle

14-L x 9.5-W x 3.125-H in 359-L x 239-W x 80-H mm

WindsorStone Square

9.5-L x 9.5-W x 3.125-H in 239-L x 239-W x 80-H mm

WindsorStone Small Rectangle

9.5-L x 4.5-W x 3.125-H in 239-L x 119-W x 80-H mm

CastleStone Large Square

14-L x 14-W x 3.125-H in 359-L x 359-W x 80-H mm

Dimensional Tolerances

Meets the requirements of CSA A231.2 H1500
Length -0.0394 to +0.0787 in (-1 to +2 mm)
Width -0.0394 to +0.0787 in (-1 to +2 mm)
Height -0.1181 to +0.1181 in (-3 to +3 mm)

Physical Properties

Meets the requirements of CSA A231.2 H1500
Compressive Strength 50 MPa at 28 days (Average)
Minimum (MPa) 45 MPa at 28 days (Individual)
Absorption 5.5% maximum
Freeze Thaw Not exceed 1% weight loss


WindsorStone Assorted
Pallet Coverage 88 sq. ft.
Weight per Pallet 3195 lbs 1452 kg
CastleStone Square
Pieces per Pallet 72
Weight per Unit 51 lbs 23 kg
Unit Coverage 1.36 sq. ft.
Pallet Coverage 98 sq. ft.
Weight per Pallet 3672 lbs 1656 kg
All dimensions and weights are approximate.

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