Back patio of a home featuring Shaw Brick's Tumbled WallStone productsBack patio of a home featuring Shaw Brick's Tumbled WallStone products

Tumbled WallStone

An old-style garden wall system with a sense of style

Tumbled WallStone is a multi-component rough-textured garden wall system that always makes a great first impression. The look is decidedly old-style. The feeling is warmth all around.

The garden blocks in the Tumbled WallStone system are available in a variety of formats that help add interest and graceful curves to garden walls: Long Stretcher, Stretcher, Medium Radius and Short Radius. The system also includes a coordinated Cap that is sold separately.

An inviting texture in four natural colour tones

All Tumbled WallStone components are available in four harmonious colours: Natural Charcoal, Chamois Charcoal, Mocha Charcoal and Natural Chamois.

Whether you are installing the garden wall yourself or using a qualified contractor, we recommend you visit your local Shaw Retail Centre or one of our independent dealers for helpful hints and project assistance.

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Tumbled WallStone Long Stretcher: 17-L X 9.25-W X 5.125-H in Stretcher: 13.75-L X 9.25-W X 5.125-H in Medium Radius: 10.5-L X 9.25-W X 5.125-H in Short Radius: 6.75-L X 9.25-W X 5.125-H in Tumbled WallStone Cap: 17.75-L X 10.25-W X 3.5-H in   Only available in 6.6 sqft (1 tier) increments

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