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SienaEdge is a complete segmental retaining wall system offering a linear modern aesthetic to any landscape project. The ideally sized block provides fast, efficient machine placed installation, while still offering a manageable weight for manual maneuvering if required.

SienaEdge eliminates complex estimations and ordering with the innovative multifunction block design, integrating standards & corners into the same block. The closed-end Standard Block is ideal for building corners, ending two sided seat walls, and is able to create a both vertical or battered walls, all with one block.

Modern Linear Aesthetic
Efficient Machine Installation
Ideal for Steps & Vertical Elements
Multifunction Block Design
Vertical or Battered Walls
Double Sided with Closed-Ends


Full Installation Guide


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Intermittent Interlocking Knobs Interlocking Grooves Contractor Friendly Indicators   Standard/Corner 39”L x 11.5”D x 7”H 270lbs   Coping/Corner 39”L x 11.5”D x 7”H 268lbs   1.94 sqft/block  

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