Contessa Stone Aydon, Shaw Stone, MasonryContessa Stone Aydon, Shaw Stone, Masonry


Concrete Brick with the natural look of speckled stone

ContessaStone features the highly-sought-after, speckle-textured look of natural stone in a Concrete Brick product.

This unique Concrete Brick product comes in a mixture of shapes, sizes and blended colours that create an aesthetically-pleasing, speckled stone appearance. It’s a durable, long-lasting building material and a smart, cost-effective alternative to natural stone cladding for today’s homeowner.

Size mix available in four natural stone colours

Our investment in state of the art colour blending technology offers superior colour combinations that are guaranteed to inspire: Aydon, Richmond, Somerton and Oxford. All Contessa Stone Concrete Brick sizes, including corner pieces, come mixed on a pallet.

ContessaStone Concrete Bricks installed in different ways to create various looks – from clean and classic to modular and dramatic. It can also be used to highlight one area of your  exterior area by using more or less of a certain size.

Drop into a Shaw Retail Centre or one of our independent dealers to see samples of these economical alternatives to stone cladding and to learn more about any product in the Shaw Masonry Collection.

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Unit A Dimensions: 3.75-W x 2.625-H x 11.75-L in Unit B Dimensions: 3.75-W x 6-H x 15.625-L in Unit C Dimensions: 3.75-W x 6-H x 11.75-L in Unit D Dimensions: 3.75-W x 9-H x 15.625-L in Unit E Dimensions: 3.75-W x 9-H x 11.75-L in

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