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An enhanced Portland Cement Mix

In Cement Mix, Shaw Brick is proud to offer cement from Lafarge. It is an enhanced Portland-limestone concrete mix, for general purpose work, with improved resistance to freeze/thaw cycles and lower water demand than ordinary Portland Cement. Mastercrete Portland Cement offers a more cohesive result and is suitable for use in concrete mixes, mortars, renders and screeds. It is available in 40 kg bags.

We also offer Masonry Cement Mix Type N

Type N Masonry Cement Mix is suggested for use in mortars for exterior, above grade non-load-bearing walls and interior non-load-bearing partitions. When mixed with sand it makes a great mortar for general purpose applications. Is available in 30 kg bags.

Many years of experience in Cement Mix

Lafarge’s technical expertise is derived from many years of experience in the field of cement mix and concrete mix, a global network of laboratory facilities, and hundreds of technicians, scientists, and engineers with a deep knowledge of construction materials.

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Portland Cement Type GU
Pieces per Pallet 45
Weight per Unit 90 lbs 40 kg
Weight per Pallet 4050 lbs 1800 kg
Masonry Cement Type N
Pieces per Pallet 45
Weight per Unit 73 lbs 33 kg
Weight per Pallet 3285 lbs 1485 kg
All dimensions and weights are approximate.

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Portland Cement Type GU
Natural 06351
Masonry Cement Type N
Natural 06352

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