Canso Rocket StoveCanso Rocket Stove

Canso Rocket Stove

The Canso Rocket Stove provides a one-of-a-kind camping cooking experience in your backyard.

It’s a highly efficient small combustion stove with an intelligent design that makes use of any small fuel source such as twigs and small branches. The combustion chamber with a vertical chimney provides a highly efficient design that ensures nearly complete combustion. The design concentrates the heat in a smooth stream upwards, generating the necessary heat you need to boil lobster, corn, or anything else you want.

The Canso Rocket Stove has two access points – one on top for efficiently adding fuel into the chamber and one below to stoke the fire as needed.

Download the installation instructions in our Resources section here and, for expert help with your project, drop into one of the Shaw Retail Centres or one of our independent dealers.