Tweedtex Mingled Shades, Clay Brick CollectionTweedtex Mingled Shades, Clay Brick Collection


A classic Clay Brick with a distinctive vertical brushed finish

Dependable, warm and comfortable, like quality tweed or corduroy cloth, Tweedtex Clay Brick imparts an informal but reassuring feel of tradition and comfort.

This classic brick with its distinctive vertical brushed texture has been a mainstay of the Shaw’s Clay Brick Collection for many decades.

The Tweedex Clay brick Collection is available in Red Range, Brown Range, Magnum Brown Range, Charcoal Range, Mingled Shades, Flashed Range, Buff Range, and Grey Range.

Brick it, and forget it

Brick is virtually maintenance-free. While homes covered in other materials can fade, crack, and warp through the years, brick does not. It stands the test of time no matter how strong the wind or severe the weather.

Manufactured right here in Atlantic Canada, Clay Brick from Shaw Brick has been a timeless staple of the construction industry for over 150 years. And, Shaw’s Clay Brick is just as desirable now as it was a century and a half ago, thanks to our continuous innovations in product design and quality.

Drop into a Shaw Retail Centre or one of our independent dealers to see samples of these bricks for sale and to learn more about any product in the Shaw Masonry Collection.

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Available in
Brick Sizes Length mm (in) Width mm (in) Height mm (in)
Metric Modular 190 (7.48) 90 (3.54) 57 (2.25)
Slender 190 (7.48) 10 (0.4) 57 (2.25)
Saxon 190 (7.48) 90 (3.54) 90 (3.54)
Coverage: 7 bricks = 1 sqft Minimum Compressive Strength - Gross Area MPa (P.S.I.) Red: 80-100 (11,000-14,000) Brown: 70-90 (10,000-13,000) Buff: 65-85 (9,500-12,000) Maximum Water Absorption (24 hr. %) Red: 1 - 3 Brown: 2 - 4 Buff: 6 - 8 Maximum Saturation Coefficient Red: 0.65 - 0.78 Brown: 0.50 - 0.70 Buff: 0.70 - 0.78 Maximum Initial Rate of Absorption Red: 1g/min/5,000mm2 Brow: 5g/min/20,000mm2 Buff: 10g/min/20,000mm2 Freeze Thaw % After 50 Cycles - Meets Requirements

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