Mont Alpi 805 Deluxe Island with Fridge Cabinet

The Mont Alpi D series stands for deluxe and that is exactly what you get from the Mont Alpi 805 Deluxe Island with Fridge Cabinet.

This grill combines six burners of standard cooking size along with an extremely useful infrared side burner suitable for searing, pan frying and boiling and an infrared rear burner for the ultimate rotisserie experience. The outdoor rated refrigerator is ice cold in all conditions complete with LED light and desired temp settings. Perfect for a freezing bevvy while preparing the meal with friends and family.

The Mont Alpi D series comes with waterfall granite which extends down the sides of the grill for easy cleaning and extra class, the unit also includes a heavy duty rotisserie kit, full size weather cover and a granite matching chopping board. The grill comes standard with LED knob lights that are blue when off and red when on and bright internal cooking lights for perfect vision and precision control. Be sure to check out the useful optional accessories such as the charcoal tray and griddle. Grill comes as propane ready but can be converted to Nat gas within minutes, simply buy the additional Mont Alpi Natural gas conversion kit.

Grill unit 43″x23″x47″
Left side burner unit 25″x23″x35″
Right side fridge cabinet unit 25″x23″x35″

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