HIghland Stirling, Clay Brick Collection 5HIghland Stirling, Clay Brick Collection 5


Clay Brick inspired by old Scotland

The Highland Collection of Clay Brick from Shaw Brick is sure to bring the warmth of tradition and added value to your home. These unique blends bring distinctive colour palettes and textures for you to choose from.

The use of blended bricks is a growing design trend that offers a gentle mix of light golden tones with a subtle weathering effect. Blended bricks also have an attractive natural texture, which adds further character.

The Highland Collection of Clay Bricks is available in six colour ranges: Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Kirkhill, Stirling, and Kilwinning. Four more colour ranges are available as special orders: Braemore, Blackburn, Argyll and Ayrshire.

Brick, made right here in Atlantic Canada

And, remember, Shaw Brick is made right here in Atlantic Canada, so buying our bricks supports the regional economy.

Drop into a Shaw Retail Centre or one of our independent dealers to see samples of these bricks for sale and to learn more about any product in the Shaw Masonry Collection.

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Please note: Braemore, Blackburn, Argyll and Ayrshire are special order items.


Available in
Brick Sizes Length mm (in) Width mm (in) Height mm (in)
Metric Modular 190 (7.48) 90 (3.54) 57 (2.25)
Slender 190 (7.48) 10 (0.4) 57 (2.25)
Coverage: 7 bricks = 1 sqft Minimum Compressive Strength - Gross Area MPa (P.S.I.) Red: 80-100 (11,000-14,000) Brown: 70-90 (10,000-13,000) Buff: 65-85 (9,500-12,000) Maximum Water Absorption (24 hr. %) Red: 1 - 3 Brown: 2 - 4 Buff: 6 - 8 Maximum Saturation Coefficient Red: 0.65 - 0.78 Brown: 0.50 - 0.70 Buff: 0.70 - 0.78 Maximum Initial Rate of Absorption Red: 1g/min/5,000mm Brow: 5g/min/20,000mm Buff: 10g/min/20,000mm Freeze Thaw % After 50 Cycles - Meets Requirements

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