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Top quality from Sandkuhl Clay Works

When it comes to Clay Flue Liners, we have only top quality Flue Liners for sale. That’s because you don’t want to take chances on an inferior quality product inside your chimney. Shaw Brick has partnered with Sandkuhl Clay Works to bring you traditional square and rectangular Clay Flue Liners. You can have confidence in knowing that Sandkuhl is a fourth-generation family business that has been manufacturing terra cotta clay products since 1912.

Clay Flue Liners with quality baked in

One look and you will appreciate that Sandkuhl Flue Liners have uniform dimensions and clean end cuts. Their composition includes fire clay for maximum heat resistance and less than 3% absorption which prevents freeze-thaw damage. Plus their smooth, dense inner walls minimize creosote build-up. They meet the ASTM C-315 Clay Flue Liner Standard.

All sizes are available in standard 2′ length. Selected sizes are available in a shorter 1′ length.

Drop into a Shaw Retail Centre or one of our independent dealers to learn more about making your project be the best it can be with high-quality Sandkuhl Clay Flue Liners.

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8-W x 24-H x 8-L in 200-W x 600-H x 200-L mm

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12-W x 24-H x 8-L in 300-W x 600-H x 200-L mm


12-W x 24-H x 12-L in 300-W x 600-H x 300-L mm


16-W x 24-H x 12-L in 400-W x 600-H x 300-L mm


16-W x 24-H x 16-L in 400-W x 600-H x 400-L mm

Physical Properties

Meets the requirements of Clay Brick CSA A82.1
Compressive Strength 20.7 MPa
Minimum (MPa) 17.2 MPa
Absorption 8% maximum (Shaw Brick 8% maximum)
Freeze Thaw Not exceed 0.5% weight loss


Pieces per Pallet 84
Weight per Unit 33 lbs 15 kg
Weight per Pallet 2772 lbs 1260 kg
Pieces per Pallet 60
Weight per Unit 44 lbs 20 kg
Weight per Pallet 2640 lbs 1200 kg
Pieces per Pallet 40
Weight per Unit 68 lbs 31 kg
Weight per Pallet 2720 lbs 1240 kg
Pieces per Pallet 24
Weight per Unit 97 lbs 44 kg
Weight per Pallet 2328 lbs 1056 kg
Pieces per Pallet 24
Weight per Unit 114 lbs 52 kg
Weight per Pallet 2736 lbs 1248 kg
All dimensions and weights are approximate.

Additional Info

Product Item Numbers

Red Clay 1830M
Red Clay 1831M
Red Clay 1832M
Red Clay 1833M
Red Clay 1834M

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