Medium Duty Fire BrickMedium Duty Fire Brick

Fire Brick

Available in Medium-Duty ranges

Fire Bricks are used to line traditional fireplaces and are being used increasingly to create wood fired ovens in outdoor spaces. We carry Alsey Smithfield Fire Brick from Sandkuhl Clay Works.

Medium-Duty Fire Brick
This is a quality Fire Brick that is recommended for all fireplace brick applications and is certified to conform to medium-duty ASTM specifications. The maximum recommended service temperature of this brick is 2700 F (1482 C). It is available by individual pieces in store or in full-pallet quantities by placing order.

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Full Brick

2.5-W x 4.5-H x 9-L in 63-W x 113-H x 225-L mm

Split Brick

1.25-W x 4.5-H x 9-L in 32-W x 113-H x 225-L mm


Full Brick
Pieces per Pallet 456
Weight per Unit 7 lbs 3 kg
Weight per Pallet 3192 lbs 1368 kg
Split Brick
Pieces per Pallet 888
Weight per Unit 3.3 lbs 1.5 kg
Weight per Pallet 2930 lbs 1332 kg
All dimensions and weights are approximate.

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Product Item Numbers

Full Brick
Beige 09560
Split Brick
Beige 09559

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