Permapro Adhesive

Shaw Offers Permapro Adhesive. It is one of the strongest polyurethane adhesive on the market. It is especially formulated for
bonding concrete, natural stones, blocks, bricks, pavers, wood, etc. Permapro Adhesive is intended to provide
a permanent bond between materials. It can be used on dry or humid surfaces. Drying times vary depending on
factors such as humidity, porosity, temperature and materials bonded together.

Structure Bond

Structure Bond is an innovative super-strength foam adhesive that bonds a wide range of construction products. Structure Bond Gun allows for a precise adhesive delivery with a single pull of the trigger that stops as soon as you let go. It requires no pumping, cutting or puncturing of cartridge nozzles.

Keep your landscape project strong, use our high strength concrete adhesive to keep garden walls and stair tread caps in place. For more information visit or


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Structure Bond Glue - 24oz Gun Cleaner - 500ml Permapro Glue - 295ml

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