AB Stones

Versatile and easy-to-install retaining wall blocks from Allan Block

From light-landscaped terraces to major structural retaining walls, AB Stones from Allan Block will cover your landscaping needs. Design with fluid curves or strong straight lines. Add angles, corners and stairway details. Change the colour, shape or size. Allan Block gives you a multitude of design options in the popular retaining wall blocks known simply as AB Stones.

AB Stones from Allan Block generate a smooth fluid finish in any outdoor living space. Featuring a built-in interlock and setback, these retaining wall blocks are easy to install. The hollow core offers superior drainage and easier handling. The resulting patterned retaining walls will define your space for years to come.

An inviting texture in natural colour tones

AB Stones from Allan Block are available in  nature-inspired colours- Natural Charcoal and Chamois Charcoal. The system installs with a three-degree setback and includes corner units and coping units for the top. For installation and more information visit allanblock.com

Whether you are installing the retaining wall blocks yourself or using a qualified contractor, we recommend you visit your local Shaw Retail Centre or one of our independent dealers for helpful hints and project assistance.

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Shapes & Sizes

1. Stone

17.625-L x 12-W x 7.5-H in 448-L x 305-W x 190-H mm

2. Corner

16-L x 8-W x 7.5-H in 406-L x 203-W x 190-H mm

3. Cap

17.625-L x 12-W x 4-H in 448-L x 305-W x 95-H mm


1. Stone
Pieces per Pallet 40
Weight per Unit 74.8 lbs 34 kg
Unit Coverage 0.92 sq. ft.
Pallet Coverage 37 sq. ft.
Weight per Pallet 3580 lbs 1360 kg
2. Corner
Pieces per Pallet 48
Weight per Unit 50 lbs 23 kg
Weight per Pallet 2400 lbs 1104 kg
3. Cap
Pieces per Pallet 64
Weight per Unit 57 lbs 25 kg
Unit Coverage 1.47 linear foot
Pallet Coverage 94 linear foot
Weight per Pallet 3648 lbs 1600 kg
All dimensions and weights are approximate.

Additional Info

Product Item Numbers

1. Stone
Chamois Charcoal 7304M
Mocha Charcoal 6809M
Natural 6701M
Natural Charcoal 6972M
Red Charcoal 6800M
2. Corner
Chamois Charcoal 7305M
Mocha Charcoal 6810M
Natural 6764M
Natural Chamois 7310M
Natural Charcoal 6993M
Red Charcoal 6811M
3. Cap
Chamois Charcoal 7307M
Charcoal 6802M
Mocha Charcoal 6829M
Natural 6722M
Natural Chamois 7311M
Natural Charcoal 6992M
Red Charcoal 6828M

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