Shaw Brick

Shaw Brick provides a transferable 25-year warranty (from date of purchase) on the structural integrity of all Landscape Product it manufactures.

All Shaw Brick Landscape Products are manufactured to meet or exceed the current applicable CSA standards.

If the product is installed and maintained to applicable guidelines and best practices, (e.g. ICPI, NCMA, Allan Block best practices, etc.) under normal, non-abusive situations, proves to be structurally defective, Shaw Brick will replace these units. Shaw Brick’s responsibility is limited to product replacement (FOB site) and does not include the cost of off-loading, installation or replacement labour.

Warranty exclusions:

  • Surface discolouration caused by staining, efflorescence, improper sealing or pollution
  • Polymeric haze from the use of polymeric joint sand where the sand was not properly and promptly removed from the surface of the paver.
  • Contact with fertilizers, harmful chemicals or de-icing agents other than sodium chloride.
  • Damage or spalling caused by impacts, abrasions, overstressing, overloading, base/subgrade settlement or site design.
  • Deterioration resulting from designs or installations not complying with applicable codes, standards, best practices and recognized work procedures.
  • Impact damage from snow removal equipment
  • All our pavers and retaining wall units are made from natural, environmentally friendly materials, therefore variations in colour may occur.

A valid proof of purchase will be required, namely the invoice.


  1. Efflorescence, a whitish powder-like deposit that sometimes appears on concrete products, in no way affects the structural integrity of the products. Efflorescence will wash and wear off over time.
  2. De-icing chemicals – Sand is recommended as the preferred method for providing skid and slip resistance. If de-icer is used it should be applied sparingly. De-icer should be Sodium Chloride and should not be a blend of chemicals. Any concentrations, mounds or build-up of de-icer chemicals should be avoided or removed immediately.