Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

A North American Leader

Our paver Quality Assurance (QA) program is significantly more comprehensive than industry practice. The Canadian Reference Standard CSA A231.2 (Clause 5.2) calls for sampling and testing at a frequency of every 40,000 m2 of production or every 2 months.Shaw samples and tests compression and absorption every day of production!

Use of a 7-day hold period to allow for testing ensures no pavers are shipped until acceptable compression strength and absorption properties are confirmed. In the event a daily test for either strength or absorption yields an unacceptable result, the entire paver production for that day is quarantined in our yard. These Shaw QA protocols, used to ensure only quality pavers are shipped, are clearly documented in our QA manual and are strictly adhered to by our Production, QA, and Shipping Staff.

In addition to the compressive strength and absorption daily checks, Shaw employs real time, hourly testing on pavers during actual production. This testing is based on extensive plant and lab research carried out in 2009 (Shaw Intellectual Property).

The hourly checks on paver quality, which prevent poor quality pavers from being produced, are an unprecedented practice in the industry.