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AB Fieldstoneā„¢

All colour samples are intended to be representative only.
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Shapes & Sizes

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1. 824 Facing Unit

24-L x 5.25-W x 8-H in
610-L x 133-W x 203-H mm

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2. 812 Facing Unit

12-L x 5.25-W x 8-H in
305-L x 133-W x 203-H mm

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3. Short Anchoring Unit

10.75-L x 9.5-W x 8-H in
273-L x 241-W x 203-H mm

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4. Long Anchoring Unit

254-L x 508-W x 203-H in
10-L x 20-W x 8-H mm

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5. AB Cap

445-L x 292-W x 92-H in
17.5-L x 11.5-W x 3.625-H mm


1. 824 Facing Unit
Pieces per Pallet50
Weight per Unit58 lbs
26.5 kg
Unit Coverage1.33 sq. ft.
Pallet Coverage66.5 sq. ft.
Weight per Pallet2900 lbs
1325 kg
2. 812 Facing Unit
Pieces per Pallet100
Weight per Unit28 lbs
12.5 kg
Unit Coverage0.67 sq. ft.
Pallet Coverage67 sq. ft.
Weight per Pallet2800 lbs
1250 kg
3. Short Anchoring Unit
Pieces per Pallet96
Weight per Unit32 lbs
13 kg
Weight per Pallet3072 lbs
1248 kg
4. Long Anchoring Unit
Pieces per Pallet50
Weight per Unit62 lbs
29 kg
Weight per Pallet3100 lbs
1450 kg
5. AB Cap
Pieces per Pallet63
Weight per Unit58.5 lbs
22 kg
Weight per Pallet3686 lbs
1386 kg

All dimensions and weights are approximate.

Shaw Brick carries three types of Geogrid from SRW products. Universal Geogrid is a bi-directional grid that is great for retaining walls under 6 feet. We also carry 3XT and 5XT Miragrid which is a uni-directional geogrid that is great for retaining walls that are over 6 feet and need to be engineered. For more information visit

Allan Block Logo AB Fieldstone is a multi-piece retaining wall system that provides a variety of advantages. Each block assembly consists of a facing unit and an anchoring unit. This combination creates a product that is Green, Natural and Friendly. For installation and more information visit

Product Item Numbers

1. 824 Facing Unit
Cascade Series - Rustic Creek14484
Colonial Series - SandstoneTBA
Sierra Series - Rustic Creek14481
Sierra Series - Canyon Springs14482
Sierra Series - Glacier Bay14483
2. 812 Facing Unit
Sierra Series - Rustic Creek14485
Sierra Series - Canyon Springs14486
Sierra Series - Glacier Bay14487
Cascade Series - Rustic Creek14488
Colonial Series - SandstoneTBA
3. Short Anchoring Unit
4. Long Anchoring Unit
5. AB Cap
Rustic Creek14478
Canyon Springs14479
Glacier Bay14480