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BarringtonStone Circle

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Shapes & Sizes

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5.875-L x 5.875-W x 2.375-H in
148-L x 148-W x 60-H mm

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5.875-L x 4.5-W x 2.375-H in
148-L x 115-W x 60-H mm

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5.875-L x 5.875-W x 2.375-H in
148-L x 148-W x 60-H mm

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Large Taper

5.875-L x 6.75-W x 2.375-H in
148-L x 171-W x 60-H mm

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Small Taper

5.875-L x 5.375-W x 2.375-H in
148-L x 135-W x 60-H mm

Dimensional Tolerances

Meets the requirements of CSA A231.2 H1500

Length-0.0394 to +0.0787 in (-1 to +2 mm)
Width-0.0394 to +0.0787 in (-1 to +2 mm)
Height-0.1181 to +0.1181 in (-3 to +3 mm)

Physical Properties

Meets the requirements of CSA A231.2 H1500

Compressive Strength50 MPa at 28 days (Average)
Minimum (MPa)45 MPa at 28 days (Individual)
Absorption5.5% maximum
Freeze ThawNot exceed 1% weight loss


BarringtonStone Circle
Pallet Coverage91 sq. ft.
Weight per Pallet2603 lbs
1183 kg

All dimensions and weights are approximate.

Our brand new BarringtonStone has a sophisticated old world style with modern staying power. Reminiscent of cut stone and available in a warm array of colours, this paver comes in four different shapes and sizes, which creates the popular non-linear, or modular, look. These stones can also be paired with the BarringtonStone Circle for circular design accents.

Polymeric jointing sand and polymeric jointing stone dust is a mix of graded sand (or stone dust) and binder, specially formulated for filling joints when installing pavers or slabs, or when replacing existing joints. Unlike conventional sand (or stone dust), it stays in place and won't wash out when it rains. For more information visit or

Techniseal Sand Calculator

Five differently shaped stones with old world style and soft edges. Can be used with its sister product—BarringtonStone Assorted & Square—to create an accent design in driveways, walkways, terraces, or gardens. One circle pack (one pallet of product) will create a 9'3" circle. Cirlce pattern can be viewed on page 37 of our product information guide.

Product Item Numbers

BarringtonStone Circle
Autumn Blend - Special Order01146
Chamois Charcoal01147
Mocha Charcoal01148
Natural Chamois01149
Natural Charcoal01150
Red Charcoal - Special Order01208